The nua stool series is a visual portrayal of the human body language in the ‘nua’ state; a phrase in Hokkien which means slacking, idling or simply lazing around.


Year: 2016
Material: Beech Wood, Powder-Coated Steel
Category: Furniture Design

nua (singlish)
/ noo-ah /
slack, lazy, chill, unmotivated


Each of the stools features a unique posture commonly adopted by people while resting. Inspired by the freedom one exudes in their most comfortable state of rest, this installation seeks to portray the familiar comfort home provides, one that does without any pressure to behave in a certain manner, or simply to just relax. The audience is invited to make themselves home, and "nua" on these stools and really be and feel at home.

Model Ivan Woo
Photography Stanley Chew